An Evening of One's Own


April is the cruelest month, though T.S.Eliot lived in a cold country; his statement holds truth in my country also. The prickling heat, the scorching sun and the humid air making life unbearable. On top of it lying in bed and doing nothing makes it more grueling. So today after a long time I went outside, to touch some grass.

This saturday I was meant to participate in a local cricket tournament but cancelled later. Some of my friends went out for a nights-out, they invited me to join them but I could not do that either. So I had to spend saturday evening alone. This whole week was like this; spending without any productivity or friend. I was fustrated, fortunately came across two things: a Weltgeist video and a Wes Anderson film Darjeeling Limited. This two subjects argue why we should sometimes take a leave from our residence, our daily routine.

Upon determining I went out at a quarter to seven during evening, took a bus to arrive at my destination, to describe this place I can say this place is more like a countryside. Took a walk for one kilometer. I felt the cold wind on my face, the air was refreshing, walking past I looked at those old houses, thought how ancient those will be, saw elderly people siting outside, spending time together. The trees beside the road were dark and looked like specter. It was splendid. There I had a burito and enjoyed a bottle of coke, resting upon an abondoned house's doorway, spent the rest of my time there. The solitude was not something to despise but to cherish. But still missed someone, a companion, a partner with whom I could share the food, talk about life, hold hands and later kiss goodbye.