Paintings for the Plebs!

According to Urban Dictionary, A Pleb is someone with very basic, boring, or generic taste. They have no interest in the artistic value of things. This page is an introduction for such people. We should cherish great art; even if we are not a critic or scholar. Art has deeper meaning but sometimes we don't have to know that in order to enjoy it.

Wheat Field with Cypresses (1889) by Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853-1890)

A steamboat in a landscape with lighthouse by Leontine von Littrow (Austrian, 1860–1914)

The Ancient Mill by the Sea at Concarneau, Brittany by Henry Orne Ryder (American, 1860-1943)

Fisherwomen from Valencia (1915) by Joaquín Sorolla (Spanish, 1863 – 1923)

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